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Our Story? Your Story. History.

History. Our history. The history of our brothers, our fathers and grand-fathers... our true heroes!

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At ANGHENION, history is our passion. We created our small company so we could print our most iconic historical achievements on clothing so we can all wear them proudly. From technical achievements like legendary planes to the artistic achievements of our music legends... and not forgetting those incredibly beautiful works of art that were cars of the 60’s and earlier!

ANGHENION is proud to keep those treasures alive. Out of the museums, out in the real world. Things you can wear proudly and share history with others. Things you can live with everyday, not keep in a box on the shelf. That is how we keep history alive! Every day, every week, all year ‘roud, our designers are continuously looking to best represent iconic aircraft, cars, artists and shows that are our heritage.

We print each design on demand on a high quality garment, using the best and latest fabric printing technology. Because nothing less than quality clothes and the most vivid of prints will do when it comes to proudly sharing our history, our people’s story!

And you? What part of history will you share? Have a look around the store and decide for yourself.

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